Sunday, October 2, 2016

Feeling Alive with the Benefits of Reorganizational Healing

 Feeling Alive with the Benefits of Reorganizational Healing

What to do when you feel like you are at a crossroad in your life?

Worse still, perhaps you feel like you are at a complete standstill, which is preventing you from moving forward.  Do you look at others who are achievers and wonder how they do what they do with such confidence and certainty? There must be something they are doing, that you are not.

The truth is, they know the secret to feeling alive.  You too can achieve wellness in all areas of your life with Reorganizational Healing.

Reorganizing anything in our lives takes a committed approach to awareness, courage to integrate the shadow parts with the light ones, and presence. 

Reorganizational healing can change my the thoughts, behaviors and structures that run you and you get to run them!

Believe it or not, neurological dysfunction is common and can be caused by the developmental sequence not being completed in the first year of life, but can also be the result of a vehicle accident, a stroke or even chronic stress. Such issues cause lapses in function which may result in behavioural, emotional, academic or motor problems. The good news is that the way you feel now, doesn’t have to be permanent.  Any life challenge, symptom, or disease is an opportunity for growth. You can achieve a more resourceful state of wellness and productivity by reorganizing your life's tension to advance to the next level vs. restoring yourself to a previous state without the learning and development that comes from going through something vs. over it.

According to the Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice (ARHP), we are all born with a inbuilt self-organizing wisdom, which is comprised of six Energetic Intelligences that control, regulate and manifest different aspects of our bodies, minds, spirits, and life.  

If you are ready to learn how to live without the symptoms of a dysfunctional nervous system and become whole, energy rich and powerful in all areas of your life, contact us [VM1] today. Network Spinal Analysis SF and Marin

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