Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's or Valiant Times?

We, at Magnolia Wellness Center,  just LOVE the month of LOVE!

I know that this particular February holiday, more than any other, brings up the most instability for people.  Whether in a relationship or not, the underlying question is 'am I enough?'

Am I giving enough? I am worthy enough? Am I receiving what I deserve? 

These questions are linked to challenges that are pre-rational. Particularly in the domain of the emotional energetic intelligence. This energetic  intelligence is the one that influences our immune system, white blood cells, and the motion flex and stretch of the long muscles on both sides of the spinal cord to name a few of its jobs.

When we can allow this emotional system to express, rather than repress, the health benefits are countless.  So, notice in your body where you tend to contract, get small, and freeze. Then, say to yourself, EMOTION is simply energy in motion.  

Merge your presence with what comes up.  Reminder: the mind will want to take credit for this. The pre-rational mind develops while we are baby's using it to survive. Often, when we are felling like we are not enough it is a 3 year old running the show. We are ALL conditioned to quickly add a story to why we feel something. I believe this can be unconditioned with this conscious commitment. 

Next, engage a higher more resourceful intelligence by asking bigger questions.  You can recruit some help by asking your soul or higher self to answer, is this thing Im suffering over really true?
For instance, if you are feeling lonely this Valentines Month and beyond, employ your more evolved self to remind you of the bigger truth that, There is ALWAYS someone to LOVE. In this case, it's YOU!