Monday, August 8, 2011

Aug 2011- MWC Purification of Body Mind and Soul 21 day Cleanse...

Good Morning!!! Today is day 2 of 21! I hope everyone is off to a good start. There are some people on this cleanse with us that have never done a cleanse before and for that matter, never even considered that the food we eat become part of who we are. There are others of us on this cleanse that have done this many times.

Don't be fooled... as fresh or as seasoned as you are with cleansing, you will have challenges. That is actually part of the point, right? We are letting go of food habits that in a lot of ways are emotional defense mechanisms. We are letting go of toxins from our body tissues that may have been lodged in there, sometimes, as far back as the womb. We are getting a peek at our 'food behavior' particularly during the times you are normally shoving fast food unconsciously into your mouth. A cleanse brings up a lot! That is why I am starting this blog for us. Together we are much stronger than individually.

Some tips...

1. Remember to drink PLENTY of water. If you're bored with the water... add cucumber, mint, lemon, and/or rosemary.
2. Don't let yourself get hungry. That makes the cleanse a real drag! Make an extra smoothy when you're hungry, or eat an apple. Ask yourself, are you really hungry or are you just used to grabbing Cheeto's at 230 every day. If so find a competing behavior like going for a walk, sitting in nature, reading a book, writing in your journal. Notice the random thoughts about food and do your best to replace them with thoughts that are more vitalistic.
3. Make wild rice and add it to your salads... yum
4. Vegetable broth is something I love to sip on during the day... its warm and comforting. You can make your own or buy the Organic one from Imagine (they have it at Rainbow)
5. Move your body
6. Reach out to us when you are struggling. Maybe some of you could plan a meal together. Tanya may even be interested in leading you through cooking a couple meals that are in the cleanse for you to have during the week. She has done this cleanse before and came up with lovely options to make the food on here interesting.
7. If you mess up. It's okay. Start over on your next meal. If you are really struggling or a big guy (like Tim), go ahead and use the meal plan that starts on Day 11 now. It will give you more protein.

I am sure there will be more, but I wanted to get this out there as a start.

I am grateful to be on this journey with you all.

To me a cleanse is very sacred. I see my body as the temple I live in and I want it shining bright and healthy so that I can do the things I love for my entire lifetime~

Tomorrow from 830-930 am... Join me at Magnolia to cultivate, through meditation and yoga, a peaceful space in your bodymind and ways to find peace when we are feeling challenged by this cleanse as well as in life.

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell


Anonymous said...

I am a big guy. And walking by Starbucks and smelling the coffee on Day 1 buckled my knees.

It's not as easy to eat twice as many vegetables than fruit I'm finding.

I would like to add some sort of seasoning to this stuff. Veggies on their own so far are pretty bland...

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell said...

Hey Tim. I hear ya. I am a coffee drinker too. During those times of's important to get clear on what your vision is for yourself on the cleanse (just as in life) . Take some time to create your intentions for this cleanse and create a vision statement for yourself that inspire you and will help you find your way back to that central thread when you're being pulled astray, I made you a couple of dishes today ... You can pick them up after your adjustment. Also, remember, good fats are your friends!!! So put lots of olive oil or coconut oil on your veggies...lots. Fat fuels the brain and it will help it feel full and satiated. If you're feeling inventive, I love to blend 1/2 avocado, 1 lemon, and 2 oz olive oil garlic and a lil water together and put it on my veggies.

Linda said...

Yes, walking and even driving by Starbucks is challenging at first...but after completeing this program with success, I can say that within a few days this will subside. If you feel the need to avoid any possible headaches or crankiness, just try making a half cup of organic decaf for a day or two...and slowly drink it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice and help.


J Anna said...

Great Salad Recipe!
Salad on the Spot(Blueberry Basil): mixed baby arugula & spinach, radishes, lemon-cucumbers, blueberries, fresh sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil... topped with fresh squeezed Meyer lemon and olive oil... was the best salad I ever made! ♥

Dr. A

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell said...

Day 6.... in the morning. Only 2 more days of the cleanse supplements and 5 more until we can start adding organic meat back to our menus.

I realized today how much I love corn on the cob!!! YUM. It's great to do this cleanse in the summer time because there are so many great fresh veggies and they can be cooked on the grill.
I also realized how much I like brown and black rice. This is one change I will be implementing into my post cleanse life style. It replaces high carb and gluten breads and pastas. Its great in salad, with fish, and stirfrys You can also build a dish with rice as the central staple by adding onion, tomato, beans, herbs, corn, oil vinegar... any creation of your choice.
I hope everyone is resting, moving their body's and drinking a lot of water. Reach out for support if you need it.

Linda said...

This morning I made a yummy smoothie...I cut up and froze pineapple chunks, mango chunks,peaches,and blueberries, then added SP complete, crushed ice, and Artisana Raw organic coconut oil with the coconut it at Whole Foods....and blended...1 minute...and so delish....esp if you love coconut as I do, and also a good source of amino acids and a bit of needed iron.

Anonymous said...

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