Friday, February 5, 2010

Network Chiropractic-SF Examiner

SF Women's Health Examiner

Interviewed by Rheba Estante
SF Women's Health Examiner

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell is a professional chiropractor and the founder of Magnolia Chiropractic in San Francisco. Upon discovering Network Spinal Analysis she began offering it at her clinic. Drop in rates are $55 for a session. Dr. Bridwell is also a yoga teacher and holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology. The clinic website can be found at

1. What is Network Chiropractic?

An evidence-based method of assessing, correcting, and transforming spinal tension patterns that we acquire during our lives as our bodies respond to physical, emotional, and chemical stressors. Network Care includes the modalities Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI). With NSA gentle and precise contacts are made along the spine where the spinal cord attaches to bone. This assists the body in first discovering and feeling where spinal tension patterns are and then learning to develop a breath wave that free’s the ridgid areas of tension. This helps the body reorganize to a higher more sophisticated level as a new baseline. We are re- training the body to self correct and better utilize stress before it is stored ad tension in the future. Simply started, the intent is to enable the body's own self generated mechanisms of movement and respiration to assist in the correction of tension pattern and interference to the nervous system. The care is a continuum of increasing spinal awareness and self corrective efficiency.

2. How is network different to treat posture problems than standard chiropractic?

The shape, position, tension, and tone of our spine is in relationship to the shape, position, tension, and tone of our lives. Our perceptions create different responses in our nervous system and our physiology. Think about the position of your spine when you are in pain, disempowered, or after getting a parking ticket…its hunched forward, right? How about when you feel successful, passionate, just got recognition for a job well done…your shoulders are now open and back, your chest is lifted and head is on straight. Both postures greatly affect your health and vitality. They have competing affects on nerve flow, flexibility, blood pressure and adaptation to stress, just to name a few.

3. How did you become interested in network?

I was in Chiropractic school and studying several techniques in depth. When I received my first Network Adjustment, I knew something very deep, powerful, and graceful had just occurred. I felt a profound sense of peace in my body and in my mind and it lasted for five straight days. I remember being highly aware of this shift. Each subsequent adjustment built on the last and now I live my life in that peaceful flexible, adaptable, state most of the time. As a business owner and person that plays life ‘full out’ my life is very demanding and because of my Network care my body and my mind are in a calm and focused state allowing me to dance with all the layers of my life.

4. What are the common reasons that women seek network chiropractic?

Menstrual irregularity, fertility problems, mood swings, insomnia, concern related stress, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, and to have a greater connection to their body.

5. What are some specific ways that network is great for women?

This care is excellent for woman for many reasons. Our reproductive organs live our pelvic region. Our care promotes freedom in this area, which aids labor, delivery, menstrual cycles, moods related to hormonal imbalance, fertility, and overall motion.

6. Can pregnant women be treated with network?

Yes. I have cared for many women successfully through pregnancy. Our care helps to create space in the pelvis for the baby to grow and the uterus to expand in a balanced way. This is very helpful to avoid breach presentation and back labor, and an overall easier pregnancy. What about children? Our nervous system is developing from the time we are utero. The sooner we get it checked and cleared of interference the better. If a baby is born with a misalignment or abnormal stress on the spine-the nervous system is wired with that as part of the original script. I am committed to children being cleared of abnormal patterns early and wired to ease as soon in life as possible so that it becomes a the baseline for the rest of life.

7. What are the other modalities your clinic offers?

We offer body work and KaliRay TriYoga Classes.

8. How can network be used for people who have mobility problems or poor posture due to the type of work they do?

We help to correct spinal tension patters and retrain the body to hold tension differently. This will teach them to use their bodies differently at work and in their own personal circumstances.

9. How did you design the vision for Magnolia Chiropractic?

It gives me goose bumps to see how this dream has unfolded into such a successful reality. I have been visioning this wellness center since I was in my early twenties when my father was ill. I wanted there to be a better way for people to heal with dignity, respect, and for their to be a ‘real-ness’ to it. Meaning, the people I care for know what is happening. They know what is changing, they are part of the process and are being empowered in ways that positively effect their well-being so that they are not dependent on me, but can tap into their bodies healing wisdom outside of the office. We give people tools on how to do this and to trust in our inner doctor.

10. What is your vision for yourself as a practitioner and for the clinic in 2010?

Magnolia Wellness Center is a Network Chiropractic Studio dedicated to educating and serving our community to discover their bodies innate healing wisdom, transform their lives and awaken to their fullest potential.

Everything we do is a reflection of this vision.


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