Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TriYoga this Sunday! Pre-Register Required

Open The HIPS and FREE the SPINE

With: Dr. Stephanie Bridwell

When: Feb 3rd 1030-1

Where: at Bend Yoga Studio

Most people think the sacrum is one fused immobile joint. We will take a journey into the hips, sacroiliac joints, and femur circumduction to discover our potential for increased range of motion. Creating increased space to explore our foundation and lower chakra information held in the hips. Once the hips are open the spine and nervous system will begin to process the new information moving up the spine. Breath and movement will harmonize furthering an elongation the spine and its related structures. This creates the fuel for your evolution!

TriYoga is a unique system of Hatha Yoga developed by yogini, Kali Ray. This method is based on flowing sequences in which postures are connected by a wave-like motion. This method is based in the triple principle of posture breath and focus-manifested through asana, pranayama, and focus. This allows students to experience a very natural meditation in motion.

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell MS DC has taught the TriYoga method since 1997. She is a wellness-based Chiropractor and the owner of Magnolia Wellness Center in San Francisco, CA.