Friday, January 23, 2009

Come Celebrate with us

On Thursday January 29, 2009 we will be having a PARTY at Magnolia Wellness Center!

This is to celebrate all of our appreciation for our amazing community, the hard work we have done remodeling, and to have a good time together. Everyone is welcome.
  • New to the neighborhood?
  • A friend of a Magnolia Wellness Practice Member
  • Simply interested about what goes on here
  • Already part of our amazing community
Please join us!

We will have a impromptu talent show, a slide show of our remodel, food, music, and good times!

See you there- 630-9ish


On January 22, 2009, Dr. Stephanie spoke at the Chiropractic College on the topic of Spinal Gateways. Below is a excerpt from this talk.

133 Magnolia Lane San Francisco, CA 94123 (415)931-5878
The Spinal Gateway
Dr. Stephanie Bridwell-LCCW Presentation

The Spinal Gateway phenomenon is constantly being developed and refined through our clinical work in the field and research over multiple disciplines. It has extraordinary properties. Today we will explore the following topics:
· Characteristics
· Functions
· The anti-gateway
· Energetic Gateway
· Structural Gateway
· Flexion/Extension, Lateral Bending, and Bisect points of contact and their effect on the system
Some characteristics and properties of the Spinal Gateway:
1. It serves as an access point to promote self-assessment of the nervous system including subtle cues about the internal and external environment.
2. It is a focal area of free or "unbound" energy located on or adjacent to spinal segments directly or indirectly attached to the dura mater.
3. It possesses sensitivity to natural biological energy fields and "non-local" intelligence. The Spinal Gateway is viewed as an interface between the dimensions of energy, consciousness, and physical tissue.
4. To serve as a nexus for interaction between the passive, active, neural control and emotional subsystems which contribute to spinal and neural integrity.
5. The ability to utilize a light force or touch to assist the nervous system to move from a state of stress physiology and defense posture to a more adaptive, growth promoting state.
NSA's low force applications (sensitive to the location of Spinal Gateways) help individuals to move from stress physiology to safety and from safety to growth. As this occurs new strategies as well as spinal and neural outcomes develop which have never been reported elsewhere.
Energy that was formerly bound in defensive posture and stress physiology is liberated for constructive use by the nervous system. The nervous system uses this freed energy for self-assessment, needed posture correction, and normalizing body functioning. The most immediate effect of this energy release is increased breathing and movement, relaxation, and extreme immediate release of deep stored tension.
When a Spinal Gateway is contacted the body naturally breathes and moves, stretches, awakens, releases stuck energy of traumas, mental or emotional stress.
Once specific spinal gateways are found, they become stronger and more responsive. For this reason, they are recorded and NSA practitioners use them to train your nervous system the strategy translate stress and tension and to reorganize it so that the system works at a higher level.
The Spinal Gateway is the interface between how you perceive yourself and how you perceive the world. This means that huge amounts of information are processed and interpreted through these points on your spine. Based on your past experience, you are constantly evaluating situations as good or bad, safe or unsafe.
The e Anti Gateway:
When vertebrae distort as a consequence of defense posture, at least one of the vertebral articulations is in relationship to the stress experienced at the time. Within the concept of NSA, a force is not applied to a segment that is a product of defense posture. If you determine that certain energy is too traumatic to experience, the part of your body that feels that energy stops moving, the muscles in that area tighten and your breath skips over it. This is how we keep from feeling things we don’t like. The brain registers a developed spinal gateway as a place of peace and can override the defense with safety allowing us to trust that we can connect to and release and reorganize stress. Now we can grow from stress vs. freeze in place!

Structural Gateway:
Enhances a reduction tension in the phasing system, enhances spinal and neural integrity. The experience of the structural gateway is tension/relief and it always takes work to access this. It is activated by the NSA CONTACT.
We are not ‘correcting’ structure; we are influencing structure to reorganize and create change.
Energetic Gateway:
Deepens the communication and relationship to various regions of the spine that share a resonance. Promotes a more rapid shift in consciousness and advance through care.
Activated by CONNECTIVE TISSUE matrix tractioning/pull.
Flexion/Extension, Lateral Bending, and Bisect points of contact: The Tissue Pull, Contact, Follow Through, and Intention affect the lateral bending and Flexion/Extension tension patterns in the spine. Once they are individually and specifically developed they begin to overlap in mid-level 2 (Transform Care)