Friday, July 25, 2008

What are People Saying About Magnolia Chiropractic Wellness Center?

joey s.

San Francisco, CA

5 star rating

Dr. Bridwell is a talented healer. She explains everything she is doing and has helped me with chronic pain from my job. She is also an avid listener and caters her treatments to what you want. She also calls you 'baby' when she cracks you, which really ads that something special. I would recommend her to anyone, especially those who have a hard time being touched.

Aidan K.

San Francisco, CA

5 star rating

I went to school with Dr. Stephanie, have studied along side her for several years and now have the amazing opportunity of working with her at Magnolia Chiropractic.
Just when I think Dr. Stephanie is the most compassionate, committed, kind and thoughtful Doctor I have ever met, she raises the bar again. Anyone who has the opportunity to seek care with this incredible person will not be disappointed. Her dedication to the work and to providing excellent, professional and personal care to any individual who sets foot in her office is unparalleled.
Dr. Stephanie inspires me E V E R Y day to be a better doctor and a better human being.

I went to Magnolia Chiropractic Center in San Francisco three weeks ago due to a burning sensation in my low back which ran down my leg. I was afraid of going to a Chiropractor, but Dr. Stephanie was incredibly gentle, knowledgeable, and really understood the pain I was having in a way that took away my fear and helped me to feel more at peace. I highly recommend getting care from Dr. Stephanie Bridwell, she is a true healer. Learn more about the center. The website is

layla r.

San Francisco, CA

5 star rating

After a recent cross-country move, I was experiencing many survival pattern discomforts [neck, hip and low back pain], but I was lucky enough to find Dr. Stephanie.

Her skillful, holistic, co-creative approach and nurturing "table-side manner" have helped me breathe through and clear most of these.

In the healing, safe space she holds, each visit reinforces the feeling of well being, flow, trust and integration I want to have all the time.

Each deeper, easier breath brings that vision closer to manifestation.

San Francisco, CA

5 star rating

I've been going to a chiropractor for years getting adjustments when I needed them. They always helped and I felt great until I threw my neck or back out again. Then I met Dr. Stephanie who had a completely new method that was gentle and long-lasting.

She really paid attention to me and I felt very connected to her immediately. She's got amazing intuition and is extremely dedicated to her practice and to making you better.

I owe many thanks to Stephanie and always look forward to walking through her doors.

Linda B 9-21-2007

Dr. Stephanie is the perfect healer!

With her innate sense of humanity, her sincere dedication to Chiropractic, and her love and expression of the adjustment, all new and existing patients will experience a painless, wonderful transformation in their lives.
Stephanie, you are a miracle! You have changed my life with each adjustment. I love coming to your healing center. As my body has been opening up I am becoming more and more aware of what has been binding me. It truly takes my breath away in awe.

Thank-you so very much for all you do.

San Francisco, CA

Elizabeth S

5 star rating

It was so refreshing to come across a Chiropractor who not only listens to you, but intuitively knows how to access your nervous system into a peaceful state. Dr. Stephanie may seem very youthful, but her deep wisdom of mind-body connection was so powerful. Not only is she great with the gentle stuff, NSA care, but can help you unwind whatever tension may be going on from old injuries ....(may they be mental or physical) Thank you Dr. Stephanie for helping me re-connect to my wholeness and learn more about wellness.

stacy s.

San Francisco, CA

5 star rating

Dr. Stephanie is an excellent healer... intuitive, effective, and very professional - highly recommended.

Darlene E.

Mill Valley, CA

5 star rating

Dr Stehanie is awesome! I enjoy the work she does with me every time. She is helpful in explaining more about the care she provides. Easy to relax with and my body loves this care.

Oakland, CA

5 star rating

Dr. Stephanie is one of the most talented and loving health care providers in all of the bay area! Her touch is gentle, her presence is always caring, and the effects of her work run very deep. Every time I get off her table, I feel so relaxed and connected to my body. She has helped me break through old energetic patterns that have hindered my own personal growth. Every time I leave her office, I'm sure I've been touched by an angel! She is absolutely the best!

5 of 5 stars. Stephanie is a gifted healer and natural empath. Certainly, yes, she does chiropractic, however, being in her presence you will sense what it is like to be in the company of a real city shaman.

Alison L. 03/25/08 (this is a partial review captured from Yelp)

by Jamie C.

5 of 5 stars. I've had chronic low back pain for longer than I like to remember and have tried many forms of treatment over the years. I have been to see Dr. Stephanie for 2 sessions and already feel much less pain… - user review - 03/13/2008

Review - by Ray B.

5 of 5 stars. Stephanie Bridwell is the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman of chiropractic. Her hands and techniques have done wonders for my back. - user review - 03/11/2008 (this is a partial review captured from Yelp)

Review - by Michael N.

5 of 5 stars. Who knew the spine was so integral to health? Who knew it could be so self-correcting? I do now. Thanks, Dr. Stephanie! - user review - 03/11/2008 (this is a partial review captured from Yelp)

Review - by Emily D.

5 of 5 stars. Dr. Bridwell is precious spirit with such a healing presence! I've been seeing her for the past couple months to address back pain from the stress and strain of running a floral business. . . - user review - 03/11/2008 (this is a partial review captured from Yelp)

Review - by Emily P.

5 of 5 stars. I have had the most amazing results with Dr. Bridwell. About a month ago, I felt like I was walking around like a twizzler. My body felt completely out of whack and misaligned. I decide it was… - user review - 03/09/2008 (this is a partial review captured from Yelp)

Review - by Karen C.

5 of 5 stars. Dr. Stephanie has a ture commitment to her patients, a passion for healing and Network chiropractic and has deep knowledge about health and the body. If you want to really see some change in your… - user review - 03/08/2008 (this is a partial review captured from Yelp)

Review - by Stephanie H.

5 of 5 stars. Dr. Stephanie adjusted my infant daughter, and she loved it! Honest, honoring, and gentle care....from the heart. - user review - 10/12/2007

Review - by Jackie C.

5 of 5 stars. Dr. Stephanie is a gifted Chiropractor and healer, and I have been seeing her since 2005 with great results! She is especially capable and intuitive in Network Chiropractic work and can educate you… - user review - 10/11/2007 (this is a partial review captured from Yelp)

Review - by Gabriel P.

5 of 5 stars. Go see Dr. Stephanie, I know a lot of people who swear by Network Chiropractic. It's not your typical crack and pop style of adjustment and Stephanie was really good at explaining what and why she was… - user review - 09/26/2007 (this is a partial review captured from Yelp)

Review - by julianne n.

5 of 5 stars. Stephanie is an amazing and talented chiropractor, healer and being! - user review - 09/21/2007

Arnie C
OK, so I normally only promote music / film / art industries, but Dr. Stephanie is fantastic. I broke five of my toes and had six pins holding it together a year ago. I had ligament, nervous and circulatory damage. I had the foot raised for three months and was unable to walk. I have been getting a lot of therapy and Dr. Stephanie has been helping me in the final stages as I have come to get general work done as well. My foot now has the last 5% pronation and I am able to wiggle my toes independently. I highly highly highly recommend that if you see her even if you have reservations. She is gentle and explains what she is doing. I am thoroughly impressed since I typically believe in alternative medical maintenance to keep my body running optimally. If anyone has any questions, I would even be glad to talk to you and I am not the kind of person who does that in general so you should really consider Magnolia Chiropractic if you are having symptoms that you cannot explain. If your nerves are pinched, its like having an aquarium where the air tube is pinched. The fish inside will lack for oxygen because the lid is closing the tubeand the air is not flowing. Well, if that is your blood or nerves, then guess what? Yeah!!! That's right! You'll not be able to think or you'll feel tired or you'll just not feel like 100%. I feel like 173% and I've got a recovering foot. Anyhow, I don't want to make this lengthy, I just want you to get my point. Ask me or ask Dr. Stephanie... BE WELL!

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