Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HealingFest Weekend!!!

Magnoia Chiropractic Wellness Center is gearing up for the next Transformational Gate™ Program!!!

The dates have just been announced... August 29-September 2 / Denver, CO
HealingFest 2008 - Back to back programs - The 125th Transformational Gate followed by a Reorganizational Living Seminar.

"We would love to support you in your healing and your desire to attend this program. We will be there to support you in preparation for the program and will be there healing with you throughout the weekend! This program will surely take your care to the next level!!
If this is the first time you have heard about the transformational gate program, the details are below. Please let us know if you are interested and we will get you the information you need to make a decision in regard to your participation. If you are attending and would like your loved ones to come-please get them under care with a Network Doctor ASAP. We can recommend a docor in most areas of the US and around the world"...Dr. Stephanie Bridwell MS, DC, San Francisco CA, Chiropractor

What is it?

Participants from all around the world are here to share this healing, and self awareness weekend which has been attended by more than sixteen thousand people. Participation in The Transformational Gate™ demonstrates your commitment to life, and to a greater degree of wholeness and healing for yourself and the global community.

Attendees are here from all walks of life: lay people of all ages, chiropractors, body and social workers, and other health and wellness facilitators, all with their own stories, and their own dreams.

There are those who are relatively new to the process of personal transformation, new to the concept of being attentive to one's body, its tension, its ease, its movement, its stillness, its breath and its energetic flow.
There are those for whom this is their first Transformational Gate™, and for some this Transformational Gate™ may be their fifth or twenty-fifth program attended. Whether you are a veteran or virgin "Gater", we welcome you to this profound and powerful program
The Transformational Gate™ Seminar is an educational, experiential weekend designed to help you develop lifetime tools for greater awareness of yourself, your tension and ease patterns, and your bodymind's underlying rhythms and needs. This will assist you in developing a positive experience with your own self- correcting energy dissipating systems resulting in enhanced spinal and nerve system integrity, insight and well being. The Gate nurtures your awareness of your inter-connection with the web of life, assisting you in your journey.

The workshops at The Gate are designed to improve your attentiveness to your inner wisdom. We have found the experience of "awakening" in a group environment facilitates personal healing. The direct and indirect results of The Gate support your advancement in Network Care, and have many self healing benefits including increased self correction and self regulation of spinal subluxations
Through our own healing we become more compassionate towards ourselves. Through our compassion for ourselves we can be more available to others. Through our heightened participation with ourselves, we more fully participate with others in the shared experience of healing. This accelerates the healing process for all in attendance.

All Gate participants are assigned to either of two groups (A or B). When group "A" is in the "Network" room, group "B" is participating in a workshop, and vice versa. The workshops coupled with the Network sessions are synergistic, each adding to your Gate progress.

Dr. Donald M. Epstein, who is the founder and developer of the Network Chiropractic, Network Spinal Analysis™, and Somato Respiratory Integration™ methods, will present lectures at the Friday and Saturday evening programs and at the Sunday commencement program.

The Friday and Saturday evening programs also include entertainment and participatory programs such as music, songs and dance, or audio visual presentations. For program times and locations , please refer to the Gate schedule.

Due to the unique nature and needs of each group, the times of the individual sessions and programs may vary slightly from your printed schedule. Please allow yourself to surrender to the flow of the weekend as this too is part of the healing process.

We have prepared a special "travel card" for each gate member. When you enter the "Network" room for your group session, please pick up your card from the table outside the room, and hand it to the staff doctor assisting you that session. Please place a fresh piece of face paper on the entrainment/adjusting table. At the completion of your session, he or she will initial your card and make notations. Please deposit the card in the box provided outside the room. The travel cards will be alphabetized, and placed outside the room for your next scheduled session.

You are invited to, but not required to, participate in all of the sessions and programs available for the members of your group at the Gate.