Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April Events at Magnolia

Greetings from Magnolia Chiropractic,
I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of spring. As the weather gets nicer, we become inspired to get outdoors more and enjoy the many delights that living in the bay area has to offer.  

I want to remind you that regular chiropractic care is very effective in assisting you to stay connected to your body, the vehicle that carries you from place to place, this allows you to experience your hobbies, relationships, and health at OPTIMALLY!
One of the most exciting benefits of Network Chiropractic care is that it assists the brain in finding habitual patterns that may have worked for us a in the past, but may not be supporting who we are today. We get to rewrite that script with habits that support our growth and wellness.

Join us for:

Wine and Cheese party!! Please join us free wine and cheese bring friends and family. We will have a raffle and discounts toward the extraordinary care in our office.
Yoga Workshop- Free the Hips and Spine. Please pre-register space is limited to 7. Learn to free what is binding our hips and how to move the energy up through your spine. This will increase greater range of motion in hips and spine.

Free Wellness Talks-This month there will be 3 opportunities to learn more about how your care in our office. They are free to the community and all are welcome! Also, if you would like me to speak to your company or community I would love to. Please send me an e-mail to schedule a 45 minute talk with hands on experience. 

Some topics for talks that I do are:

· How to 'un-do' unhealthy habits and replace them with habits that support wellness
· How posture effects the way you perceive the world
· How stress is over 80% responsible for the chronic disease's most prevalent today and how to change that
· The many benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy
· Chiropractic care and athletic peak performance
· How Network Care can reduce lost time from work and increase performance

Stroke Video-If you have not seen this yet, it is fascinating! It explains a scientist's unexpected experience of the interface between consciousness, awareness and the brain, when she suddenly found herself having a stroke. She explains the events in a way that anyone can understand. It will also help you understand how the brain and nervous system is involved during your Network care.