Friday, April 15, 2016

Groundbreaking Article- We SHAPE our HEALTH!

Groundbreaking Article! 

The environment we create around us directly impacts our health through shaping our Nervous Systems! This is evidenced scientifically through ultrasound of my developing fetus! Please share and create a new future for our lil ones and beyond!!!!
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Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's or Valiant Times?

We, at Magnolia Wellness Center,  just LOVE the month of LOVE!

I know that this particular February holiday, more than any other, brings up the most instability for people.  Whether in a relationship or not, the underlying question is 'am I enough?'

Am I giving enough? I am worthy enough? Am I receiving what I deserve? 

These questions are linked to challenges that are pre-rational. Particularly in the domain of the emotional energetic intelligence. This energetic  intelligence is the one that influences our immune system, white blood cells, and the motion flex and stretch of the long muscles on both sides of the spinal cord to name a few of its jobs.

When we can allow this emotional system to express, rather than repress, the health benefits are countless.  So, notice in your body where you tend to contract, get small, and freeze. Then, say to yourself, EMOTION is simply energy in motion.  

Merge your presence with what comes up.  Reminder: the mind will want to take credit for this. The pre-rational mind develops while we are baby's using it to survive. Often, when we are felling like we are not enough it is a 3 year old running the show. We are ALL conditioned to quickly add a story to why we feel something. I believe this can be unconditioned with this conscious commitment. 

Next, engage a higher more resourceful intelligence by asking bigger questions.  You can recruit some help by asking your soul or higher self to answer, is this thing Im suffering over really true?
For instance, if you are feeling lonely this Valentines Month and beyond, employ your more evolved self to remind you of the bigger truth that, There is ALWAYS someone to LOVE. In this case, it's YOU!

Friday, November 27, 2015


So, I got this email yesterday from a client and I was embarrassed. I nearly wrote her back with the intention of saying something to downplay the significance of her letter. Instinctively and Immediately deflecting the attention off of me.

I sat with it for a moment and thought. What? Really? Ugh? Why are we so strongly conditioned to play small?

I've had an incredible life journey. I have delved my way into the depths of my psyche, body, and soul. I've achieved graduate degrees, I've taken and lead hundreds of seminars on personal growth, wellness, health-care, body mechanics, divine femininity, and you name it if it has to do with helping humanity achieve states of sustainable nirvana I've been involved in some way. This has been my life's work.

So why in the world did I have that initial reaction? Well, it's the hard wiring of our culture! 
I decided not only to write back this woman, she is worthy of incredible praise herself,  but to post it so we can all get some growth out of this.

Here is her letter:

Dr Steph
I admire you so much in so many ways. 
How do you do it all?
You make time to shop and you dress so cute, fun and pretty. 
You make time for the Bar Method and are super toned and slim. 
You are an amazing loving mom with a gorgeous daughter.
You have a wonderful partner whom you love and enjoy. 
You make time for fun! like dancing and celebrating fabulous you. 
You have your own business and help heal so many people (for which we are so very grateful). And you have staff and overhead responsibilities! And administrative goop like billing and bills and...

You are my hero - my role model. So how do I do the same? What is your formula, attitude, approach, mindset that I might emulate?

Love you!!

First off! Dang, that really feels good.  Receiving this message confirms that a huge growth edge for me has matured. It also really just FEELS so good to say YES to being appreciated and being valued!
Secondly, this next bit of insight is really good to know when working with any experience you want to quantify. "Doing it all" is a CONCEPT. It is a function of the mind trying to fit a lot of complex information into a box so that all of the thoughts and feelings and related and unrelated threads we are holding about a topic can energetically downsize. This happens when there isn't a lot of available energy to hold multiple ideas and concepts concurrently. So the system, in this case the mind, seeks to pack information up into groupings that use less of our resources. Letting go of the need to put information into a box opens you to possibilities that would have never had the opportunity to surface. 
I LOVE that you asked all of these questions because, well, first of all I am a woman and my feminine nature needs to be seen, appreciated, complimented, beloved, related to, and respected for the brilliance of my gifts to be evoked! When this aspect of US, in our feminine, gets overlooked or ignored we wilt and it is an uphill challenge to thrive in any of the scenarios you desire.
I also appreciate your question because I know from our work together that you are more ALIVE when you get influenced from an external perspective. Meaning observing, interpreting, and seeking what sparks you from outside of yourself and then bringing that intelligence IN to be embodied fuels you. For some seeking wisdom from within oneself and bringing it out to the world is their way. So, asking people you admire or you admire what they do, have, or create is the exact direction to move in for SUCCESS.
The short answer to all of your questions is GET ENERGIZED and honestly, all of your desires and dreams are possible. You want cute clothes, a loving partner and family, a career you love? 

All you have to do is: 1. begin to see yourself with these things 2. get connected with the emotions you have about them and really really practice embodying these emotions. 3. Do this everyday! Have your goals somewhere in your mind at all times. When I wanted the things you mentioned I was meticulously disciplined at having them in my consciousness ALL THE TIME either in the foreground or the background of my mind. 4. What you focus on becomes your future reality. Like Steven Covey says, to be successful "begin with the end in mind". Add " body" to this and life really starts to shift. 5. Trust the universal law that 'Like attracts Like' BE what you want to attract. Live it as if it's already here. This tells the universe you are ready to receive it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Your Spine is Your LIFELINE

Your Spine is Your Lifeline
For many people, the spine is just another part of the body. However, the spine is so much more than an amazingly constructed connection of 33 different bones, the intervertebral discs and supporting ligaments and muscles. 
The spine is the protective conduit for the spinal cord; which is the lifeline that connects consciousness through you. It is also the root of the vast neural networking between the brain, the body and beyond, and back again that keeps you alive and functioning.The spinal cord itself is about 18 inches long for most adults and approximately as large in diameter as your thumb. There are 31 pairs of spinal nerves that branch off of this root.
These larger spinal nerves travel all through the body in gradually smaller and smaller branches to be able to transport information to and from all parts of the body and the brain. These eventually wind their way throughout the body, creating a literal net of nerves and sensors that allow us to experience pleasant sensations as well as pain. 
The Spinal Alignment 
With such a central role in how we experience our world, keeping the spine healthy is critical. When the spine is not correctly aligned pressure can occur on the delicate spinal cord or on the spinal nerves, resulting in pain, discomfort and stress throughout the body. The brain and body don't differentiate. Generally speaking, your system treats Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Chemical stress the same. If you can't handle the impact in the moment, your nervous system in all of its wisdom to preserve your life, will contract and this tension will become bound in the body holographically.
Since they are not located in close proximity to the spine, many people don’t realize that, body aches, low energy levels, migraines, heart disease and the negativity they are experiencing in their life may be directly related to alignment issues with the spine. Treating and suppressing symptoms only provides temporary relief. The key to lasting health is to create a mindful relationship with your body. To quote Thomas Edison, The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Take the Red Pill- You can be Thriving Beyond Surviving

Take the Red Pill- You can be Thriving Beyond Surviving

For most people, the initial response to hearing that someone is seeing a chiropractor is to assume that person is experiencing pain in their back, neck or in the joints of the body. While a chiropractor certainly does address challenges in the spine, that is just the foundation of what is available when you visit a chiropractor with a holistic approach. Chiropractors practicing Network Spinal Analysis are specially trained to look for stored trauma in the body and the habitual muscolo-skeletal distortions that overtly represent it.
In my lifetime of deep experiential work with people in my role as a doctor of chiropractic, a movement specialist, psychotherapist, healer, mentor and coach and in seeing thousands of clients at major crossroads in their health and life I've honed in on what I would call the magic *red pill for thriving beyond surviving.
The Reorganizational Healing (ROH) framework combined with the Chiropractic application of Network Spinal Analysis provides a comprehensive look at the entire person. After all, pain, injury, emotional and mental stress in one area of the body or life has a very big impact on the rest of one’s life and body.
When you pull on a dog's tail- the BARK comes out on the other side- right?  One of the biggest ah ha’s my clients wake up to is that Everything is connected. The big picture is that there is a line of connection from your lineage through to, and beyond, you. With ROH  and NSA we can access new choices that free energy and influence change now.
Reorganizational Healing
ROH or Reorganizational Healing is a choice available for those seeking an empowered path at the juncture of healthcare and personal development. It is not about restoring a person to a prior state of health. It is about enhancing all systems of the body to bring them into harmony and optimal functioning. Through this approach, wellness is obtained through  resourcing our innate gifts for making sustainable change.
ROH is about becoming more self-aware and resourceful with the drains and gains to our energy. Learning to optimize our energetic bank accounts so to speak produces enough metabolic energy for us to hold on to living the lives of our dreams and not settling for less. We only downsize our lives when we perceive there isn’t enough energy. When we have a lack of energy we start saying no to things and eventually suffer in our body and life from living a dulled down version of who we are supposed to be. Waking up and learning to have excess energy available at all times is a key strategy in developing a truly, joyous body and life.
Network Spinal Analysis
NSA or Network Spinal Analysis is an evidence-based approach developed by master innovator, Dr. Donald Epstein D.C,for improving spinal and neural integrity leading to coherent (unified/whole) signaling in the nervous system. Through producing waves in the spine the nervous system becomes more and more refined and sensitive to subtle information. Picking up on your body’s cues early is a way of maintaining health and could one day save your life.
The NSA approach is a revolutionary way of providing support to the body in its ability to self-heal. This is very different than traditional manipulation through chiropractic treatment. It uses the gentle pressure of a soft touch on specific areas along the spine to address interferences or neural blockages in the spine as well as reduce, reorganize and teach new strategies for the central nervous system to self-regulate daily tension.
Through the use of network spinal analysis clients develop better communication between the brain the body. With reorganizational healing we are able to develop a true understanding of our core nature and how to harness the dynamic forces we are in interplay with. These are the tools for being the map makers of our own health, lives, and destiny.

*From the movie, the Matrix: "You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." A bluepill refers to a human that is not aware of the true nature of the Matrix

Monday, August 8, 2011

Aug 2011- MWC Purification of Body Mind and Soul 21 day Cleanse...

Good Morning!!! Today is day 2 of 21! I hope everyone is off to a good start. There are some people on this cleanse with us that have never done a cleanse before and for that matter, never even considered that the food we eat become part of who we are. There are others of us on this cleanse that have done this many times.

Don't be fooled... as fresh or as seasoned as you are with cleansing, you will have challenges. That is actually part of the point, right? We are letting go of food habits that in a lot of ways are emotional defense mechanisms. We are letting go of toxins from our body tissues that may have been lodged in there, sometimes, as far back as the womb. We are getting a peek at our 'food behavior' particularly during the times you are normally shoving fast food unconsciously into your mouth. A cleanse brings up a lot! That is why I am starting this blog for us. Together we are much stronger than individually.

Some tips...

1. Remember to drink PLENTY of water. If you're bored with the water... add cucumber, mint, lemon, and/or rosemary.
2. Don't let yourself get hungry. That makes the cleanse a real drag! Make an extra smoothy when you're hungry, or eat an apple. Ask yourself, are you really hungry or are you just used to grabbing Cheeto's at 230 every day. If so find a competing behavior like going for a walk, sitting in nature, reading a book, writing in your journal. Notice the random thoughts about food and do your best to replace them with thoughts that are more vitalistic.
3. Make wild rice and add it to your salads... yum
4. Vegetable broth is something I love to sip on during the day... its warm and comforting. You can make your own or buy the Organic one from Imagine (they have it at Rainbow)
5. Move your body
6. Reach out to us when you are struggling. Maybe some of you could plan a meal together. Tanya may even be interested in leading you through cooking a couple meals that are in the cleanse for you to have during the week. She has done this cleanse before and came up with lovely options to make the food on here interesting.
7. If you mess up. It's okay. Start over on your next meal. If you are really struggling or a big guy (like Tim), go ahead and use the meal plan that starts on Day 11 now. It will give you more protein.

I am sure there will be more, but I wanted to get this out there as a start.

I am grateful to be on this journey with you all.

To me a cleanse is very sacred. I see my body as the temple I live in and I want it shining bright and healthy so that I can do the things I love for my entire lifetime~

Tomorrow from 830-930 am... Join me at Magnolia to cultivate, through meditation and yoga, a peaceful space in your bodymind and ways to find peace when we are feeling challenged by this cleanse as well as in life.

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell

Monday, August 30, 2010

Perspective of NSA and Dr. Stephanie Bridwell from a new patient

When I first heard of Dr. Stephanie and Magnolia Wellness Center, it was through my older brother, Mike, who had been seeing her for a few months for his back; an injury sustained during work had forced him into early retirement and kept him glued to the couch or hobbling around like an old man. His condition has since improved and he has become more active again although he has not completely recovered. When repetitive stresses in my life and work created a knot the size of a plum in the back of my neck I was ready to head to Chinatown in search of someone who would tweak me back into shape and beat my tight muscles into submission; Mikey stopped me and sent me to Magnolia Wellness Center with a gift certificate and blessings of restored vitality. I can’t thank him enough.

My first private introductory session with Dr. Stephanie revealed some surprising things to me, information I had either had no previous knowledge of or had taken for granted for years. She first informed me of my scoliosis: two sizeable wrong turns my spine decided to make while my body was still awkwardly adjusting to a high school growth spurt. The lateral bends in my spinal column happened to be both right where that plum lodged itself at the base of my skull and in my lower back, another area that frequently caused me pain and discomfort. Now these aches had a cause – I was already one step closer to salvation.

The other bit of information I took away from my first session made so much sense to me that its no wonder I had been ignoring it for so long. Your spinal column is the conduit for your Central Nervous System. It houses and protects the very nerves that relay every important message from your brain to your body and back again. I learned this in seventh grade but for some reason chose to forget this information and continued abusing my back with heavy lifting and reckless endangerment. Somewhere along the line other aspects of my life began to be affected from the mistreatment of my spine, senses such as my hearing and eyesight. The nerves that communicate these senses were being twisted around in my misshapen spine and their functionality was suffering because of it. Obviously some damages sustained were unconnected and irreversible (damage to my ears from playing music too loud, damage to my eyes from staring at the sun [I have to stop doing that]) but it makes sense to me that by correcting the mistakes in my posture and improving the conduits through which my nerves travel I would in time notice a gradual return in my senses. Now I have a reason to sit up straight other than impressing the elderly – its actually better for me in the long run.

Finally, Dr. Stephanie introduced to me a breathing exercise called the “breath wave” that she wanted me to practice continually throughout every day. By taking a breath deep into my belly and acknowledging it as it rises up into my chest, I noticed almost every vertebrae in my back shift and bend with my filling lungs, like a wave, sending a surge of energy from the base of my tailbone to the top of my spine. With practice over time, every vertebra would loosen up and move in a fluid motion enabling this exercise to realign my spinal curves and open my closed gateways for my nerves to travel through. The breath wave, Dr. Stephanie assured me, would eventually do so much more for me in life, but at that time this improvement was enough for me.

The session was over quickly for how much I learned about myself and I was sent back into the world with a taller, more respectable stance and some newfound insight into my own life. Breathing deeply and happily, I wandered through San Francisco and felt sorry for the people who were taking their commute to work too seriously. Already I had questions to ask Dr. Stephanie but I had plenty of time to mull them about in my own head until my next appointment.