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Sunday, May 27, 2018

When is shoulder pain is all in your head?

When is shoulder pain is all in your head?

Have you ever said,  “I feel as though I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.” You may not realize it but these words have some very significant meaning to them. What most people don't realize is that every single word and phrase you use has an energetic impact on your cells.  Mental impulses are part of chiropractic history. Mental impulses create our reality. 

Many of us who suffer with shoulder pain may not realize that the primary cause of this pain and discomfort is not from an injury or illness, but in fact is coming from thoughts and emotions. Over the years I've referred many people out to MRI's and Orthopedic Surgeons and after their examinations many of my clients are told there are no physical causes for the pain. Many of these individuals become upset in that it is being assumed that the pain is not real, and this is all in their head.  Those in main stream medicine will equate this type of pain to stress which is a term that the individual can understand. While this identifies the problem many times it does not provide the solution. The solution comes down to addressing the stress that is ailing the body.

The Solution:

Work with Physical Stress
Some exercises to work with the physical symptoms
Here are some simple shoulder exercises to get you ENGAGED with your body.
(a)Bend your arm over your shoulder  so you can place the palm of your hand on your as low down your back as possible. This positioning will change over time. Then with your other hand gently put weight on your elbow.

(b)In a standing position keeping your arms straight put them behind your back and grasp your hands you can use a sock or yoga strap for tighter bodies. Gently pull lift your palms skyward.

(c)Stand and hunch your shoulders up towards your ears and slowly rotate them backwards, then rotate them frontwards.

(d)Sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, place your hands on the back of your head and slowly bring your elbows in towards each other in front of your face and back 5- 10 times slowly.

Work with Mental and Emotional Stress
The objective of the solution is to get the individual to quit “shouldering” these negative emotions that are creating the symptoms of tightness in the shoulder, which in turn creates an inflammation of the pertinent muscles. Working on both the emotional causes as well as dealing with the symptoms at the same time will bring the results of relief. These two approaches to this type of shoulder pain should be done in harmony with each other.

At Magnolia Wellness center in SF and Marin we encourage AAA- Awareness Acknowledgment and Acceptance to areas of distress in the body. Bring your hands to an area of pain. This, by the way is what we naturally do any way when we hurt.  So, follow the lead of your innate intelligence.  Once you are aware of the exact area of pain with your touch and your full awareness, begin to acknowledge everything you feel and think here. Dependent on your comfort level with body awareness this may either feel totally weird or you'll be right at home.  Once you get going, it may take a minute to warm up, you will find yourself saying things and feeling things that you had NO IDEA were there. It is so cathartic once the flow of repressed energy causing the guarding in the muscles releases. As you let go may tear up, you may feel an increase in temperature,you may make a sound that surprises you, think of a cat when you step on it's paw. Sound is a very natural way to release trauma. You may notice a change in your breathing patterns. When you are complete with AAA- be gentle with yourself drink water to further cleanse and take a rest in a meditative aware state as . 

The combination of your addressing this pain physically, emotionally, and mentally is the key to taking the weight of the world off of your shoulders.

*This approach is about self healing and empowerment and not in lieu of regular medical check up's