Friday, April 6, 2018

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Bali Luxury Woman's Retreat

Join our SoulPowered Woman Tribe. In luxury. In Bali. Claim a sisterhood that will always support you, cultivate the most valuable untapped resource on the planet-your feminine energy. Relax, Renew, Reclaim, Rejoice.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Living in Ecstasy.

Beautiful Kaliji. When I was 26 I was so stuck in my head. I was a psychotherapist and had no idea we had a body and I was on track to achieve success according to the masculine leadership playbook. Someone told me to see her in Cambridge, Ma- close to where I lived then. This radiant being that crowned the front of the room appeared to have golden light surrounding her like an aura . She changed the direction of my life through the energy of yoga. Real Yoga. Prana and energy waves through the spine mesmerizing a full conference space into transcendent meditation in motion. The spinal waves in TriYoga led me to NS Chiropractic and to go into deep study of human systems interpreting universal energy. Yesterday I spent 9 hours in her sanga in this practice with her during a kriyavati anniversary celebration... 38 years since she was inspired with the yoga flows she shares and has systematized meticulously. I've been to this event almost every year for almost 20 years. While I was on the mat I saw all the phases of my life that have passed along this one constant lens - my yoga mat. It's a place that is a constant and a ledger in this rapidly changing world. So much has changed since my 20's is a string of moments and the times of pure mindfulness & presence we see it all as both the witness and the participant. Pure Awareness is the Energy of Living in Ecstasy.